All residents and their guests, have access to the beach. The beach is reachable via the Beach Gate on Ponte Vedra Boulevard. The beach access ramp is to the right of the Country Club’s open-air pavilion. This ramp is an easement for residents to cross the Club’s property. You may walk to the beach, or ride your bike. Residents may park bikes at the bike rack adjacent to the ramp. You may only use your motor vehicle or golf cart for drop and depart. Parking is for Club Members and their guests only. A Country Club decal or Club dashboard pass is required to park in these lots. Towing is enforced.

Located at the corner of South Nine and Sawgrass Drives, is the Sawgrass Association Community Pool. This pool is for the recreational use of all Sawgrass residents and their guests. Pool hours are posted.

Boating and fishing on our waterways is another benefit of life in Sawgrass. Lakes, wetlands, and other waterways can be used by residents and guests. Swimming is not allowed in our lakes, but boating and fishing is permitted in areas that do not interfere with the play of golf on adjacent land. Boats on our waterways may only be propelled by hand, sail, or electric motor. Boating is permitted during daylight hours. Fishing is allowed in our waterways from boats or from banks. The fish, however, may be unfit for consumption.



Sawgrass Association - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL